NYC Bridge Posters and Prints for Sale

Bridges in New York Posters & Prints for Sale

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New York City’s bridges have never failed to break world records. Each one was the longest of its kind when they were built.

Over the East River we’ve got the Fiboro Bridges made up of the Manhattan, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bridges not to mention the Quensboro Bridge in midtown.

Further up on the west side there’s the great George Washington Bridge which connects us to the state of New Jersey.

Then there are also the other borough’s bridges such as the Verrazano, Throgs Neck, Triboro, Henry Hudson and Whitestone Bridges. That’s right! Each one has had its name in the history books. Let’s see what the new millenium will hold and whether or not we as a city will be breaking any more records when it comes to our water crossing structures!