NYC Coney Island Posters and Prints for Sale

Coney Island in NYC Posters & Prints for Sale

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Home of the original Steeplechase Park and now MCU Park (formerly known as Keyspan Park) Coney Island is found on the southernmost tip of the borough of Brooklyn. Another amusement section there would be known as Luna Park.

Aside for being well know for its amusement park this area has its place in history as the site of the 1939 New York’s World’s Fair. Nowadays folks by the thousands flock to this area during the Summer Months to bask within the Beaches found there (Brighton and Coney Island Beach) as well as to stroll along the boardwalk.

Getting back to the Amusement Parks, rides this area is well known for are the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone Roller Coaster.

Every Fourth of July the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place wherein eating enthusiasts compete to see who can down the most hotdogs in ten minutes.