NYC George Washington Bridge Posters and Prints for Sale

George Washington Bridge  in NYC Posters & Prints for Sale

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Located at the Washington Heights section of Manhattan is this beauty of a suspension bridge which connects New York City with the state of New Jersey.

Spanning over the Hudson River it is 4,760′ long it was the longest of its kind in the world when it opened in 1931.

This landmark bridge has two levels for automobile traffic with eight lanes on the upper level and six lanes on the lower.

At the base of the bridge’s eastern tower (on the Manhattan side) one can find the Little Red Lighthouse, officially known as the Jeffrey’s Hook Light.

Pedestrian traffic is also allowed across the bridge and is something yours truly used to happily take part in. Mind you on the western side of the bridge, within New Jersey’s Fort Lee Historic Park there is an outlook which affords one the most beautiful and spectacular view of the bridge. We’ve traveled often to this locale to aquire some of the most awe inspiring photos to be imagined.

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